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I do a lot of fanart because I like it. My art isn't that great. I also like to write. Mostly fanfiction. I'm pretty boring and you should leave now.
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Hold me, I'm scared.

So, today's me birthday. And though I'm usually depressed this time of year, I'm pumped today! YEAH, so it's my birthday but it's also the Walking Dead Season 5 premiere! FUCK YEAH!!! Who gives a shit about birthdays and stuff!
Yesterday I got to see one of my favorite bands as well, Within Temptation. They were awesome! And it was their last tour date in the States! YES! ^^ So overall it's been an alright birthday week.

And of course, this is an absolutely Walking Dead-o-licious month. *giddy grin* So much stuff coming out this month! Season 5. Two issues of the comic and a hardcover compilation of the latest arc. More action figures coming my way via Ebay. OMG. I'm in TWD heaven right now. UGHHHHHH *Zombie groans*

Heh, so my last journal entry mentioned how I was doing nothing but playing Skyrim. Well, I think I've only played Skyrim about once last month. Why? Because since the end of August, I have been.... WRITING.
And it feels SO AMAZING to be writing again! Like, excited about it! Thinking up new scenes every day! Writing shit at work, eager to get home so I can get my fingers onto the keyboard.
But sorry, guys....
It's a Walking Dead fiction. :P I don't know how many of my watchers watch the show, and I'm sure even fewer of them read the comics. But my story's based off some of the comic characters (namely Sherry, Amber and Negan), and it originally started off as a lemon but I kept thinking up more and more shit for it. Though it still obtains a strong lemon-scent. Heh. It's pretty much absolute garbage, but I'm having a wicked fun time writing it. Heh. And that's all that matters!
But shit, I can't even begin to describe how good it feels to write again.
Now, if I could just find me a man I'd be all set. :D Maybe before my next birthday.... *sigh*


TWD: Uxor V - Amber by lupienne
TWD: Uxor V - Amber
The Walking Dead fanarts (comic)

Negan's wives,
Amber, wifey #5. And last. Lawd, why does a man need five wives for? LOL Most men go crazy with just one. ;)

Besides Sherry, Amber is the only other wife given a name in the comic. In issues 105-106, Amber gets ratted out for having 'cheated' on Negan with her former boyfriend and her former boyfriend than has to face the heat for what he's done. Hehe. In my fic in progress, Amber is pretty much the main character, and the fic follows her through her 'journey' as a concubine and onwards. What can I say...I'm intrigued with Neg's weird little community. And when I'm intrigued, I start writing horrible, asinine fanfiction. *le sigh*

Heh. Wonky face. Was trying for a specific style here and epic failed. 'Tis my lot in life to fail at arts! OH WELL!
Oh yeah... 'uxor' means wife in Latin. The more you know...
TWD: Uxor IV by lupienne
TWD: Uxor IV
The Walking Dead fanarts (comic)

Negan's wives,
Nova, Wifey #4

Another in my little series of Negs and his wives.
Nova is an unnamed wifey in the comic. She appears reading a book in a panel, all sprawled out in lingerie with a head of luscious wavey hair. I can't ever seem to write a villain without making a character that's creepily (and blindly) in love with them, and that's kind of what this character is shaping up to be. But less extreme than some of my Sonic fan characters. Heh. Shutting up now. Just enjoy the girly artwork if you're not into TWD. ^^
TWD: Uxor III by lupienne
The Walking Dead fanarts (comics)

Negan's wives,
Jasmine, Wifey #3

Yep. Obscure as shit fanart. For my fanfic in progress. Heh. Just treat it like a random pretty (?) piece of art if you're not into TWD. Heh.
Neg's third wife is unnamed in the comic, and appears in like... one panel, where she's playing a game of cards. So I gave her a name to start, Jasmine, or as everyone calls her, 'Jazzi'. I'm working on her character but so far she's coming out like an adult version of that creepy ass Lizzie kid from the show. Heheh.
TWD: Uxor II by lupienne
TWD: Uxor II
Walking Dead fanarts (comic)

Negan's wives,
Shanda, Wifey #2

Shanda is an unnamed wife in the comic. She's seen in a few panels, so for my WIP fanfic I've had to flesh her out a bit. And that first bit o' fleshin' (that sounds...demented) means making up a name.
So...Shanda she is. Heh. I dig her afro.


What do you watch me for? Cause I'm curious and shit. 

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